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Quality Policy

Nahed Pipes Industries L.L.C is committed to total Customer satisfaction by providing products and services.

Quality Objectives

Quality Assurance

We will continually strive to improve upon the Quality of our products and services.

Nahed Pipes Industries L.L.C Industries L.L.C committed to enhance its customers value with products and services .

About Our Company

30+ Years Experience in this trade

Our establishment, founded by Fadi Nahid, was initially located in Mustafa H, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and subsequently transferred to the HamriyahFree Zone, Sharjah in 2004. Since then we have grown our stock to approximately 30,000 Tons, of pipes with varying thicknesses and diameters starting from4” to 120”.

Since then we are having a good business environment in the region. We are proud to introduce ourselves as a successful company having 15 years' wide experience in the field.

Why Choose Us

To consistently maintain supply

The company works hard to maintain a constant flow of material supply to satisfy the need asper site calls off requests. In other words, to get you the pipes when needed on-site, minimizing wasted time.


With years of experience, our professional workers are skilled in all kinds of fabrication, welding, and cutting of pipes. For odd sizes required for the project, we can modify the diameter size of the pipe to fit the client's needs.

Sand Blasting

Based on the requirements of 
the project at hand, we provide sandblasting and epoxy coatings for only new steel

pipes with MTC.

Import / Export

We are strategically located in the
Hamriyah Free Zone, which places us in an advantageous position

to import and export outside

of UAE in addition to transportation within the



As per customer requirement the paint job for pipes and other steel items is also performed in our establishment.

News & Information


To supply high-quality products at competitive prices. And Earning a very good reputation in the steel market.

Provide Innovative Industrial Solutions 

We Provide Comprehensive industry & Construction Solutions with our expert with over 15years of experience.

We manage Organized

Quality Assurance Industrial Project

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Got a project coming up?

The company works hard to maintain a constant flow of material supply to satisfy the need as per site call-off requests. In other words, to get you the pipes when needed on-site, minimizing wasted time. Since the very first Sale, have stood and will always stand for proper and professional business conducts between businesses and trades. We follow the moral core values instilled by the owner Fadi Nahid.


Why Choose Us

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